Learning Curve

I am excited to begin my blogging full-time. Apparently, not excited enough to remember that I need to post every day or every other day. I am learning how to use the different elements of WordPress and I am pretty sure you can schedule posts. That should help. Setting aside time every day will help, too. I am working on a new schedule.

This past week has been exciting for me. I registered my domain name for this blog and found hosting. I started compiling a list of services I want to provide for my new business and a list of costs. I did a LOT of brainstorming with my bestie/business consult/soon-to-be-neighbor-hopefully/favorite person Donna on strategy, ideas, and a new business name. My brain is full of information and my heart is ready to launch this business. I still have a few loose ends to tie up before the launch will happen. Soon.

I am not the only one who had some excitement this week.


On Monday morning, Joshua had a private try-out with a coach at Portland Baseball Club.  I heard mixed reviews when I would talk about club baseball being where I wanted Joshua to play this year. All of the nervousness I felt melted away when I met coach Joe Taylor at PBC,  who did Joshua’s tryout. He is the kind of coach every player deserves. He was personable, kind, and patient with Joshua. At the same time, he expected hard work, listening, and applying corrections.  He would ask questions about elements of the game that kept Joshua on his toes. Joshua had never been asked to explain why or how, but was always expected to show. This coach and this club are all about player development, not win-at-all-costs. I like that. Joshua likes that.

Joshua’s tryout consisted of throwing, fielding, hitting, and pitching. PBC trains differently, using more of a high school and college approach to coaching than a Little League approach. It was obvious that Joshua was behind in some areas, having been trained primarily in Little League. This coach would show Joshua the adjustments and give him time to practice. With every adjustment he made, Joshua could see how it would improve his playing in a game situation.

After the evaluation, Joshua and I had a meeting with Coach Taylor. He said he wanted Joshua to join a team with Portland Baseball Club! Joshua will be with the 13U team. This means a bigger playing field (60/90 instead of 46/60), faster pitching, harder hitting, and a faster game. It will take extra practice and hard work for Joshua to catch up. I know with these coaches and Joshua’s commitment, he will get it done.

Please bear with me as I learn to post every day or every other day. Feel free to ask questions or send gentle reminders if I don’t meet this obligation. Much like Joshua in his new baseball environment, I am figuring out the ins and outs of the professional blogging world.

*Tonight was Joshua’s first practice with Portland Baseball Club. He was very nervous. I can’t wait until he gets his first PBC hat!



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