I Figured it Out…Finally!

This blogging gig is tough. No, it’s not the writing that has me frazzled. It’s the page set up and maintenance! I’ve been trying to figure out why one of my front page posts was on the page THREE times! Not helpful, blog. I asked my friend Donna, who is a wizard with these kinds of things, for help. She took the whole shebang down to the code and still couldn’t figure out how I managed to mess up the page in this way. Ugh.

I thought I would use Joshua’s baseball practice time (which is right now) to see what, if anything, I could do to fix the problem. It took some trial and error but I managed to remove the duplicate posts. I am so proud of myself. The real test will be if the duplicate posts stay away.

My next step is to add some more pictures to the front page. I will have to wait until I am at home because they are on my extrernal hard drive.

At this moment, I am hoping I make it home in one piece. I am sitting behind the net while the boys throw balls to the catchers. Some of them are wild, my child included. I am hoping I don’t get hit. I am not optimistic.

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